A day after a whale was spotted in New York Harbor by Liberty Island, a whale was spotted up the Hudson River by the George Washington Bridge yesterday afternoon.

Apparently the whale was happily feasting on "schools of menhaden, or bunker fish."

It's believed this is the same whale from Thursday, just further north. Paul Sieswerda of Gotham Whale, told the Daily News, "Hopefully, it’s just chasing fish. There are a lot of fish inside the harbor and up the Hudson River." He added that he contacted the Riverhead Foundation to monitor the whale's movements, "Sometimes when whales get deep into rivers, there is an indication something is wrong."

Hopefully the whale is just healthy and is enjoying the bounty of fish. Hudson River observer Gil Hawkins told NBC New York that he's "seen eagles and ospreys" devouring the menhaden, "picked it up off the river as if you were picking vegetables from a market."

And, yes, menhaden are the fish from that mesmerizing huge fish kill in Long Island.