On October 28, 2000, Nickelodeon aired the TV movie Cry Baby Lane for the first and only time—because after parents complained about the film being too graphic and disturbing, Nickelodeon essentially swept it under the rug, never releasing it on video or acknowledging its existence thereafter. But after a Reddit user discovered that at least one bootleg copy was in existence, the children's film has now been uploaded online. So you can watch it in full below (before Nick inevitably takes the video down).

The movie, which was filmed in a condemned neighborhood in New Jersey, is about two brothers who hear a ghost story from their local undertaker (played by Frank Langella!), and then try to hold a seance to bring back a ghost (also notable: comedian Jim Gaffigan has a bit part). The Daily talked to the movie’s director, Peter Lauer, who had no idea the film had gained such a cult reputation: “I didn’t know anything about it being banned until you told me about it. All I know is that they aired it once; I just assumed they didn’t show it again because they didn’t like it! I did it, I thought it failed, and I moved on.” He also gave his two cents about the film being unearthed: “It’s best to leave it the way it is, with people wanting it and never seeing it and being disappointed by it.