Sweding, the Michel Gondry-coined term for fans remaking movies with low (or no) budget, has become an increasingly popular way to have fun with movie trailers on the internet, with everything from The Avengers to Jurassic Park getting the DIY treatment. But this goes well beyond that: some Toy Story aficionados have been hard at work over the last two years creating a live action, shot-for-shot remake of the beloved Pixar film. And now you can see the lovingly-assembled final product below!

You can learn more about the two creators behind the project—19-year-old Jonason Pauley and 21-year-old Jesse Perrotta—here, including their thus-far unfulfilled quest to screen the film for Pixar (or even get inside Pixar Animation Studios). At the very least, they did pass out DVDs of the movie in front of the studio this past week. Below, check out outtakes from the film.