While some people are very upset over Tina Fey's "let us stress eat cake" neo-Nazi comedy routine (that is not a phrase one expects to write every day), there was plenty of other material on SNL's Weekend Update Summer Edition last night worth taking a look at. Including Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers showing up to play George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, defending themselves after Trump drew comparisons to them with Confederate General Robert E. Lee. Washington tries to throw Jefferson "under the carriage," but they agree that they've been honored with something much greater than mere statues: "A three day weekend in February in which all Americans get 50% off all mattresses."

Neil deGrasse Tyson (Kenan Thompson) took a break from his routine of "pointing out the unrealistic parts of the new Planet Of The Apes movie" to provide his tips on how to fully enjoy the impending solar eclipse.

And in the first half of the episode, Colin Jost and Michael Che covered the Charlottesville white supremacist rally, Trump's falling approval ratings, Trump disbanding his economic councils due to CEOs resigning, and the opioid epidemic in America. "I don't wanna do this," Che said before launching into one joke. "Nazis, Confederates, what's with all these old-timey threats making comebacks? What's next, Vikings, polio?" He also described what the white supremacists looked like: "You ever read the racist comment under a porn clip, and you're like, who would leave a comment on a porn clip?"