Breaking Bad exploded in popularity over its final season this summer, so it's no surprise that Walter White was a particularly popular Halloween costume choice this year. However, not everyone was as delighted with running into Heisenberg as we were: videographer Vaughn Vance was kicked out of Whole Foods because of his tighty whities costume yesterday. "I can assure you I have seen females in shorter shorts prancing around and no man has ever considered that illegal!" his friend Carley H. told us.

The two co-workers had gone to the Whole Foods on Bowery for food, but they didn't get very far into the store before they were stopped: "I didn't quite make it through the produce section before security stopped me (very politely) and said to me, 'Mr. White,' (I love that he addressed me by character) 'I'm sorry, but I need to check with my manager before you can go in, sir,'" Vance told us. The store manager told them they were not allowed in the store because Vance's outfit was against store policy. "Meanwhile customers were begging Carlos to just let them take picture of Walt before they kicked him out," Carley added. You can see video of the incident below.

IMG 9406 from Gothamist on Vimeo.

That customer, who you can see in the video, "was very persistent about getting a picture on his phone," Vance said. "I appreciated this man's enthusiasm for the costume and I wanted to oblige." Although he was kicked out, Vance says that Whole Foods "acted professionally and I completely understand why I was turned away." But they obviously were feeling a bit sorry about the whole thing, since they later apologized on Twitter:

"Overall, I was very surprised about the city's enthusiasm for the costume," Vance added. "People stopped me left and right for pictures and aimed cameras at me from cabs and bikes. Construction workers were howling (which I somehow found flattering)."

Vance of course wasn't the only Walter White running around the city in tighty whities yesterday: