Recalling that quote your 9th grade history teacher told you about "Those who fail to learn history, something something," AnimalNY finds this clip from the movie Early Warnings, which profiles a sit-in on Wall Street for the 50th Anniversary of the NYSE crash in 1929. You get the essential visions of the NYPD dragging protesters away, a brass band, and besuited brokers chomping on cigars. Throw in a few "mic checks" and "hottie slideshows" you're basically in Zuccotti Park.

The 1979 sit-in was to protest corporate support of nuclear power (still a relevant gripe today), specifically at the Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant. It should be noted that most of the large banks were still headquartered near Wall Street in 1979, and no one yet knew what high-frequency trading was. Protesters' costumes were also a lot creepier looking, and involved stilts.