Hey kids, check out this bangin' new video of what's in store at the new Luna Park, set to open Memorial Day weekend on 6.9 acres of land the city wrested from developer Joe Sitt for $95.6 million. Workers are toiling in three shifts around the clock to finish this sucker, and the thought of an amusement park being built in a hurry only adds to the thrill! The rides have already been tested in Vicenza, Italy, and are starting to arrive in pieces at the site, where crews will assemble them. Here's what the finished park is expected to look like:

The park's inaugural season will feature 19 new rides, including a spinning roller coaster called The Tickler, a "Wild River" ride inspired by the original Luna Park ride Shoot the Chutes, a ride called Surf's Up which buffets riders with simulated winds, and Air Race, which will have riders "doing corkscrews in jets." Valerio Ferrari, president of Central Amusement International, which is developing and operating Luna Park, tells the Daily News, "We're going to have ...sword swallowers, fire-eaters, some music." There will be no admission fee to the park, which will also offer games, an outdoor restaurant and five food stands.

Below, for referenced, archival video of the original Luna Park Shoot the Chutes ride, from 1903. (The park was closed for good after a fire in 1944.)