For too long, New Yorkers have had to rely on a series of false prophets and disappointing idols to represent them in the national spotlight. But it's time for the Naked Cowboys and Taylor Swifts to move along, because NYC has got a new city ambassador: this upside down flautist.

He is artist, enigma, Ian Anderson aficionado, and symbol all rolled into one. He was into Lizzo before it was cool. He doesn't feel alive until the blood is rushing to his head. And he sure knows how to pick buskin' spots.

The flautist, in his dexterous wisdom, doesn't just stick to trees—earlier this summer, he set up shop at a subway entrance in Chelsea.

He's already doing the most important job of any NYC ambassador: inspiring expats to want to move back here.

He's turning jaded New Yorkers into jaded believers.

Cops can't even touch him.

Of course, we can't be 100% certain these videos are all of the same person. There is a thriving underground upside down flautist culture on YouTube. We could be dealing with a Batman situation here, except instead of everyday people donning masks to become vigilantes, they just tie themselves up to trees and rock out on the flute. The whole world's turned upside down these days–maybe these musical heroes are actually right side up.

Think about it.