As if Mayor Bloomberg didn't already have a lock on the election, now he's got U2 fans in his pocket. Bono, who's never been afraid to look like a tool to get on a politician's good side, took almost a minute out of last night's concert at Giants Stadium to praise Hizzoner. Bono told the crowd that because Bloomberg uses "his enormous wallet to research new treatments for malaria and stuff, he makes me very proud, he also makes me laugh out loud." Bono gave the mayor major props before performing "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For."

Bloomberg was indeed in attendance last night, but we're still waiting for video to surface showing the mayor singing along to "Running To Stand Still" in his finest pair of dungarees. And like most concertgoers who endured a hellish commute to and from the Meadowlands, Bloomberg's arrival was not without incident. A helicopter owned by Bloomberg accidentally landed in a Giants Stadium shuttle bus parking lot—not the helipad—before the show.

The pilot, who was questioned by state troopers and then released, was taking a test flight alone because he hadn't flown there before. Nobody was hurt, and the mayor was later flown to another spot across the river and driven to the concert. Naturally, air traffic controllers from nearby Teterboro Airport were monitoring the flight, so no worries!