Back in the early aughts, when I was making a living standing in a silver unitard in NYC, I had a side hustle bursting into moving subway trains dressed in safari khakis and pith helmet to warn commuters, in a British accent, that a pink gorilla was loose aboard the train, at which point my friend Victor would appear from the other end of the car wearing a pink gorilla costume, screeching and jumping around like an unhinged primate.

We thought it was funny for some reason? I don't think we made any money off this stunt, nor did we document it for Instagram, which did not exist. Can you imagine? At that time, going viral meant something very different. It's too bad, because apparently now all it takes is a turkey costume and some leftovers to make a big splash on the Internets.

It's no 'Subway Cheese Snob Savors Half A Wheel Of Brie On Evening Commute,' but it's cute enough. Only in New York, amirite? The low-key act of conceptual cannibalism appears to be the work of New York City Instagrammers @princezee and @MrNYCSubway, who also gave the world this... memorable subway image:

Holidays in NYC are the best.