Donald Trump's sparsely-attended inauguration was already a literal nightmare for our nation, the heralding of an age of "American carnage" powered by cynicism, greed, fear and bigotry. Now, in Vic Berger's latest video masterpiece ("American Horror Story: Trump's Inauguration"), the vulgar and dreadful essence of the day is brought to the fore, evoking the bad acid trip atmosphere of the Red Room in Twin Peaks.

Footage of Trump walking in slow motion and bathed in a blood-red light is juxtaposed with ominous strings and audio of him repeating, "grab 'em by the pussy." Closeups of Trump's doughy face compete with a biblical storm that degrades the footage as Trump rants about how "the world is an angry place." Psychedelic visions of the mostly-empty crowd suddenly gives way to the carnival-esque festivities of the low grade entertainment of the Inauguration Ball. Imagine if Trump was President?!

[h/t AV Club]