Over the first two+ years of Donald Trump's preposterous presidency, it has become increasingly clear that Trump's habitual Twitter meltdowns over Saturday Night Live are in direct inverse to SNL's satirical voice: the less funny SNL is, the angrier Trump seems to get. Alec Baldwin took the podium for a largely laughless skewering of Trump's national emergency declaration for the Cold Open on Saturday—and despite the fact that even the live audience could barely muster a chuckle at Baldwin's hackneyed impersonation, Trump subsequently unleashed a temper tantrum about how UNFAIR the mean TV show is.

Ironically, this of course brings more eyeballs and attention to what was otherwise a pretty mediocre episode of SNL. Has anyone written any fanfic positing that Trump is colluding with Lorne Michaels to help keep SNL in the national conversation?

Who says that the comedy discourse is broken on Twitter? Look at all these newly-inspired comedy fans:

And here's the Cold Open in question. The most telling, and meta, moment is when Baldwin/Trump notes, "My personal hell of playing President will be over.":

We've reached the point in a down season of SNL in which everything outside the comedy—Trump's rage-tweets, host Don Cheadle's wardrobe choices, future host announcements, hell, even Joyce Carol Oates' extremely specific opinions—are more interesting than the actual sketches on the show. Which isn't a knock against Cheadle, who made his hosting debut this weekend (with music guest Gary Clark Jr.). He was an energetic, fun, game host who got into the SNL rhythm incredibly smoothly, and hopefully he'll be able to host an episode in the future with better material to work with. In the meantime, at least we got to enjoy Cheadle's great sartorial choices:

This isn't to say there was nothing good about the episode—this was, truly, a significant step up from last week's dire Halsey-hosted episode. There were three sketches I would heartily recommend checking out: I'm not super familiar with Nailed It!, but that didn't affect my ability to enjoy the hilarious Extreme Baking Championship sketch. Cheadle's puking Cookie Monster monstrosity, voiced by Kenan Thompson, made me legitimately bust a gut.

Cheadle also shined in what may have been the best sketch of the night, Roach-Ex, which turned a typical commercial parody about pesky cockroaches into a dramatic domestic struggle between husband and roach.

And rounding out the best of the evening, it's hard to beat the visual of people doin' it inside a giant goofy dog costume in Pound Puppy.

I also enjoyed Beck Bennett's Weekend Update character Jules, who sees things...a little differently. I can only imagine what kind of sparks would fly if he ever got to meet the Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started a Conversation With At A Party.

And then...there was the rest. None of it was truly god awful—again, this was a big step up from last week's episode, which I've completely forgotten by this point—but none of it was really great. Political satire is just not the show's strong suit anymore, but Nancy Pelosi & Chuck Schumer (Kate McKinnon and Alex Moffat) were pretty solid when they stopped by Weekend Update to gloat a bit about Trump's terrible negotiating skills. Schumer enjoyed it: "Good impersonation, @NBCSNL. But got one thing wrong. I use a flip phone!"

A decade old Mika song served as the centerpiece of the well-choreographed Bar Fight.

Aidy Bryant got to try on a very silly voice for Wedding Venue Ad.

There were lots of Oscar nominee impressions in Family Feud—the crowd really liked Pete Davidson's near-mute Rami Malek, but the only one I really loved was McKinnon's Glenn Close riffing on her character from The Wife.

Fresh Takes was a high school parody of cable news shows that was, oddly, the first live sketch after the monologue.

Check out the rest of Weekend Update, including jokes about Amazon and Trump's obesity, and a visit from Supercentenarian Mort Fellner.

Here's Cheadle's Monologue.

And finally, here's Clark Jr. performing "Pearl Cadillac" and "This Land."

There's no new episode next week, but the hilarious John Mulaney will host the show again on March 2nd, with musical guest Thomas Rhett.