Conan O'Brien had a triumphant return to NYC this week with a four-night run at the Beacon Theater, celebrating his one-year anniversary at TBS. He officiated a gay wedding, played some NYC streetball, performed with Paul Simon, and had guests including Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Matthew Broderick. But perhaps the best part of the week was the return of Triumph The Insult Comic Dog, who visited Zuccotti Park Yeast Infection Park and gave his two cents on Occupy Wall Street: "what would a protest be without a drum circle, besides bearable?" Watch below:

Triumph has some fun teaching protesters about dealing with pepper spray ("the secret is not to blink"), interrupting one man's own unique J. Crew-brand of zen, and questioning just what they are fighting for: "What is your cause besides protesting the high price of Scooby snacks?" He also visited Wall Street to insult stockbrokers and blue-tooth wearers, but noted, "I'm not here to poop all over you, that's what you pay your Russian hookers to do to you!"

Another major highlight of the week was an interview with comic Louis CK, who talked about why he hates Twitter, getting his start on Conan, and how he got starstruck after seeing George W. Bush. Watch that below: