With Jon Stewart set to leave The Daily Show on August 6th after over a decade in the anchor's chair, Comedy Central has now revealed the premiere date for the all-new The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. Noah will make his debut as host on September 28th. Check out the first promo for the "new and sexy" DS below.

In his short time as Daily Show host-elect (...you know what we mean), Noah has already received some negative coverage due to some tasteless Tweets on "fat chicks" and domestic violence and other hilarious subjects. Stewart, who had a hand in picking his replacement, came to his defense, asking people to give him a chance on air: "But I can say this, I think, without hesitation, Trevor Noah will earn your trust and respect... or not. Just as I earned your trust and respect... or did not... I do hope you give him an opportunity to earn that trust and respect, because my experience with him is that he is an incredibly thoughtful and considerate and funny and smart individual, and, man, I think, you give him that time, and it’s gonna be well worth it."

If he's good enough for Larry David, then maybe he's good enough for broadcast television. Just as long as Noah doesn't inspire anymore Patton Oswalt tweetstorms. The last one was "problematic" enough.