Immigrant Trevor Noah spent this past Wednesday getting his appendix out, giving him the perfect topic to lead Thursday's Daily Show. This was Noah's first experience at a U.S. hospital, and he detailed every painful moment.

Noah, whose appendix was perforated (which can kill you), said he was in extreme pain, but still had to fill out forms. When he started to feel faint as he waited to be seen (as he was filling out forms), a nurse said, "Sir, you can’t faint here… you have to go to triage."

Then, when he went to triage, the nurse followed him—asking him for more information for the forms, "I’m keeling over, trembling with pain," and she says, "Sir, sir, I’ve got more forms for you to fill out. Sir, I don't know—how are you paying for this?" Noah replied, "With my life, clearly." When she asked if he had health insurance, he said he didn't know how it worked.

Noah thanked his "fantastic, fantastic" medical team and said that he wanted to come back to work the next day on his own—and not because Comedy Central forced him. He also offered a glimpse at how the Daily Show correspondents reacted to his ailment.

He also took a moment to mention fellow late night host, Jimmy Fallon, who has been stitched up a few times himself recently. Do late night talk show host injuries fall under the 3 rule? Please please stay safe, John Oliver.