For your Friday afternoon head scratcher we have but one question: "What does Battleship the movie have to do with Battleship the board game you wasted your youth playing?" The answer, directly from the new preview that just dropped on YouTube? They both come "From Hasbro The Company That Brought You Transformers." Other than than, it doesn't seem like much. But we're sure the Asian film market will love that they are now included in the big-budget Hollywood destructoporn business. Look at Hong Kong burn!

Seriously though, besides there being some boats we don't see the connection between the game and the upcoming Peter Berg movie. It just looks like Transformers B-4-roll (heh, see what we did there?). But hey, Friday Night Lights fans, look! Riggins is in it! And Landry! And the pretty boy vampire from True Blood. Also Rihanna!

Still, at least one staffer here at Gothamist HQ has said they'll be seeing this one in theaters (all about the Alexander Skarsgaard). Will you?