Listen, we're all tourists somewhere, but observing a first timer in New York City is pretty spectacular. Like watching a baby take a first step, or a caged animal experience that unfamiliar taste of freedom... except with more fanny packs and pure terror. And this nice couple, Tim and Joelle (YouTube handle: Joelleluvshorses1), really deliver.

Below you'll see them waiting on line for a cab with some real no goodniks who try to cheat the line system. Only in New York! Joelle declares: "Hey, That's Not Fair," but then she realizes she can do it, too, and her morals are tested ("Should we get in? No. That's crazy."). The finale to this video is the best part, however, and has nothing to do with cabs... it has to do with Joelle placing her phone, camera still rolling, in her fanny pack. Larry David couldn't have scripted this better.

And look, here they are inside the cab—the video is titled: "our first NYC cab ride!!" and they're soaking it up so much they don't even speak. You know how they say babies are so overwhelmed when they first enter the world that their brain can't take it, and that's why they sleep so much? This is like that. They just totally shut down.

But that's not all. "Joelleluvshorses1" also posted a clip called "Our first glimpse of NYC"... but the 34-second video is not working :( So here they are looking at their "little itty bitty room" on the Carnival cruise ship they took here. Clearly, while in town, no one showed them a real Manhattan studio apartment—this thing would fit two of those in it.