Oftentimes when tourists try to articulate their visits to our strange and provocative city, you end up with shit-talking Australians and philosophically-stunted Texans. But once in a while, you get something really lovely, like this video compiled from footage taken by a native San Franciscan earlier this month.

"My heart belongs to San Francisco—but that doesn't mean I can't have a love affair on the side," he writes. "This is a San Franciscan's perspective of the people and place that make New York City. I visited NYC for 12 days in June and brought my Canon 7D with me everywhere." That includes lots of glimpses of the very soggy Governors Ball, along with a lot of big targets (Times Square, Yankee Stadium, Brooklyn Bridge, High Line, etc). But aside from the music, the one second glimpses of nearly a fortnight in NYC works exceptionally well.

NYC: One Sec Shots from SDP on Vimeo.