Tom Waits, the coolest mofo in North America, made his 10th and final appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman last night to serenade the departing host with a new song. Below, listen to the gorgeous "Take One Last Look," which Waits starts with dedicating it with, "This one's for you, Dave."

But wait wait, there's more Waits! Waits sat down on the couch for an interview with Letterman (who was handcuffed to George Clooney, as one does) as well, one which basically doubled as a comedy routine. That included complaints about salad lines, attending a "Free The Glutens" rally, and his newest invention: "I have been considering an antiperspirant," Waits said. "I came up with one of my own, New Car Smell."

Clearly you are craving more Waits in your life right now, so wait no more: here he is three years ago performing "Chicago" (with his son on drums!).

Here he performs "Lie To Me" in 2006, in a performance I distinctly remember staying up to watch.

Here he is in 2004 making it "Make It Rain."

And here he is in 2002 performing the tender "All The World Is Green."

Here he is performing "Straight To The Top" in 1988.

Here he is being interviewed in 1987 with a giant bandaid on his forehead, then performing "More Than Rain' on pump organ.

And holy shit, "Tango Til They're Sore" in 1986.