America's Most Beloved Thespian, Tom Hanks, has been on quite a roll lately: dropping F-bombs on Good Morning America, pulling out a Long Island accent on SNL, growing curious facial hair for Broadway, taking hilarious photos with fans. Now, you can add two more notches to that belt: texting with Bruce BROOOOOOCE Springsteen, and performing slam poetry about Full House on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Watch below, Gibbler.

Before that ode to a house full of men, Hanks entertained Fallon with his anecdote about getting a text from Springsteen ("Tommy! Thinkin' of blowin' out 'Wrecking Ball' on the Fallon show this Friday. Come join me on guitar. Help out a brother!"), and how he missed his chance to appear on Fallon's show with guitar in hand. Watch it below.