Tom Brokaw, who famously anchored the marathon coverage of September 11, 2001, paid a visit to the Colbert Report to reflect on his work that day—but it didn't take long for Stephen Colbert to inject humor into the somber subject. Brokaw mentioned that he was doing yoga when he was told that the first plane hit the World Trade Center. "Were you wearing yoga pants, the type that are really sexy and tied up top and flare out at the knee?" Colbert asks, before adding, "That's a separate tragedy that I don't want to talk about." Watch below:

The venerable anchor is then cheekily asked if we are America's "Greatest Generation" because of what happened on 9/11, but Brokaw demurred. "Less than one percent of the population is taking one hundred percent of the bullets," Brokaw says, referring to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Our favorite "Brokaw moment" is when he was forced to record a bunch of "contingency" stories so he could spend the summer in East Hampton.