Some Bushwick residents caught some budding thieves plucking flowers from their sidewalk flower bed recently. The shocking surveillance footage below shows not one, but two tiny bandits rip life from the nurturing ground with their bare hands, as their parents look on in horror. One flower was successfully stolen, while the other was left behind for dead—eventually, however, a kind group of hipsters came by to prop its lifeless body up, Weekend at Bernie's style.

The resident told us, "We were probably pushing our luck with the alliums, but after they were all gone we replanted with flowers from the farmers market and they've been slowly disappearing too. So far the plants on our stoop have been spared." And this isn't the first time—"I worked on a new building in the neighborhood back in 2007, and a few nights after the landscaping was installed someone scaled the six foot fence and stole every single tree and shrub, leaving a trail of dirt leading down the block, slowly fading out."

Well, nature belongs to us all, does it not?