Despite having the unfortunate timing of being officially released on the same day as a little indie movie about a bunch of smugglers and religious kooks in space, the promotional tour for Tina Fey & Amy Poehler's new film Sisters has been a joyous blessing. They've parodied the Star Wars hype, teamed up with Broad City, and will host Saturday Night Live as a duo this weekend (with musical guest Bruce Springsteen!!). Below, check out the promos for the episode, which include Fey and Poehler turning Kenan Thompson into a snowman, hugging the candy out of him, and speaking in unison.

We're very grateful that we live in a world in which we can see both Star Wars: The Force Awakens AND Sisters the same weekend. We're also very grateful that we live in a world in which Jennifer Lawrence can continually talk about her crushes on SNL cast members—she revealed to Seth Meyers that she was planning to ask him out when she hosted a few years back, until she learned he was engaged. Which at least leaves hope for Lawrence to finally meet Larry David and make that May-December romance come true.