This week, we documented the excruciatingly drawn out death of one 75-year-old, 74-foot-tall Norway Spruce tree from Pennsylvania, from the first shadow of eternal darkness to pictures of the carcass being dragged to its final resting place in Rockefeller Center. In case you haven't been following its dedicated Twitter feed and missed this video, check out a timelapse below of the Christmas tree being put up:

The tree, which was donated by the Keller/Crawford family in rural Pennsylvania, will remain in Rockefeller Center through January 7th. The pain isn't quite over for this poor tree though—it still has to endure Justin Beiber serenading it with a Christmas song on November 30th. But at least to balance that last injustice out, it'll also be treated to actress Olivia Wilde going lesbian for sweeps week decorating it with 30,000 LEDs on five miles of wire.