The Bronx Zoo is welcoming not one, but two sets of tiger triplets! Check out the Malayan and Amur tigers frolicking around in the videos below. The Daily News reports that the Malayan cubs were actually abandoned by their mother—the Zoo's director told them, "She just kind of woke up one day and decided she didn't want to take care of them anymore. If it had happened in the wild the cubs would have perished." Meanwhile, the Amur triplets are still nursing, and their 300-lb doting mom Sasha is always nearby protecting them.

The Wildlife Conservation Society told us this morning, that the baby tigers "include five males and one female. Two male Siberian cubs will go by Julian and Josie, in honor of WCS Life Trustee and supporter Julian Robertson and his wife, the late Josephine 'Josie' Robertson. One Malayan male tiger cub was named Pepino by dedicated WCS supporter Patricia Lanza, and the female was named Claiborne in honor of the late Liz Claiborne, a long-time conservationist and WCS supporter. The names for the last two male cubs will be chosen soon."