If the camera work on Jersey Shore, which are seemingly (and without reason) shot through an Instagram filter, doesn't induce enough motion sickness, then perhaps you'll enjoy this field footage of a group of B&T folks "coming into the city" to party via the Long Island Rail Road. It's a little bit like Being John Malkovich, except that our unnamed portal manages to grunt out about ten words rather than just his full name.

If you've ever wanted to know what it's like to walk in a dizzy pair of K-Swiss sneaks, fresh from the tanning salon, here's your chance:

The video ends with a bit on a cliffhanger with so many unanswered questions! Will Carmine score with the ladies? Will the female companion who called the narrator "a disgusting pig" discover feminism? Will they reach their destination? Will the gentleman in the orange man-blouse avoid any "temper tamdrums"? Will our heroes make it out of the city alive?