Is anyone living a life undocumented anymore? Once we all got cameraphones and Instagram accounts, an idea that started just marginally above Art School 101 became even less unique. Take photos of yourself every day, or just sometimes, or just on vacation... and share them all with the world. Preferably as a montage uploaded to Vimeo with some anthemic music, or generic radio rock, or some discordant classical piece, or whatever Johnny Marr soundtracking it. That way, we can all see a stranger's life pass by in front of us, the best times disappearing in the blink of an eye, youth being sucked back in to the matrix... and your youth with it. One day we'll all look back fondly on the time we spent watching this video on our computers.

The latest comes from Tim Aßmann, who took 1,000 selfies on his 23-day trip from New York City to Costa Rica and back. His experience now lives as a 2:37 video clip that, while upbeat, still just makes us think about how fleeting life is... case in point, as the Daily News points out, our man Tim didn't selfie a shot when he accidentally picked up a poison dart frog. But you can still watch his life slip away from him in the below video, enjoy!