The individual who documented this dramatic confrontation between an irate straphanger and some subway breakdancers could have done a better job—the framing, sadly, is portrait not landscape, and some of the action takes place on the other end of the subway car, obscured from view. But it's almost Thanksgiving, so let's just be grateful and savor the first 12 seconds, plus everything after the 45 second mark, when our unhinged hero asks the dancers, "How about I stand in YOUR way?":

To be clear, we don't have a problem with breakdancers who busk in underground areas where there's room to move, but one of the things we dread most while riding the train is hearing a group of teenagers suddenly shout, "SHOWTIME" and then start doing back flips inches from our faces. What ever happened to just riding a horse around the subway singing Tito Puente? This breakdancing in tight places business is not safe for anyone, and that includes the dancers: