Since leaving The Daily Show a few years ago, Jon Stewart hasn't really had a major new comedy project—his lack of public exposure has started to make him feel like the friendly ghost of the Bush/Obama years. But we're always happy to see him, and he popped up last night for one of his periodic appearances on Late Show with Stephen Colbert. And he wasn't there to talk about Trump, but rather to make silly jokes about attending the Royal Wedding under Colbert's desk.

Stewart spent the whole segment (above) underneath Colbert's desk with Omaze campaign winner Rachel, who won a contest launched last November on Late Show. She won a "night under Stephen Colbert's desk" to benefit Next for Autism, and as it turned out, the chance to be in close quarters with Stewart as he dished on the Royal Wedding, played a game of Twister, and showed off his collection of "Chinese death throwing stars."

The segment ended with Stewart throwing Colbert a surprise party with a cake that referenced the previous segment of the night, which focused on the hilarious Publix "summa cum laude" scandal. You can watch that below.