In a 2015 Gothamist story headlined "Millennials Are Moving To Buffalo & Living Like Kings," Jordan Teicher reported that the rust belt town was enjoying a "comeback," with census data showing a surge of college graduates under 35 years old moving to the area. And it looks like college students are also doing well in Buffalo, at least judging by the high quality crap they're routinely jettisoning.

Filmmaker Jeff Seal spent some time with two upstate dumpster divers as part of his ongoing series chronicling the DIY trash recovery lifestyle. This time around Seal learned a very special lesson—that sometimes, hidden in plain sight among the old desk lamps and broken brassieres, a tender-hearted dumpster diver can acquire something utterly intangible and life-changing: an intimate human connection that stands the test of time. Watch, and let the dumpster's ineffable secrets warm your trashy heart:

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