Two penguins (also known as "pengwings" or "penglings") paid a visit to the One World Observatory yesterday, allegedly as part of the Observatory's special holiday week "Kids Day," but also, probably, to buy these snazzy $175 polo shirts.

Betty and Vern, who normally live at Jenkinson's Aquarium in New Jersey, made the journey across the Hudson yesterday, and spent the afternoon penguining about on One World Trade's 100th floor. They it? Hard to tell. Penguins are quite good at masking their true feelings.

Here, Betty and Vern ponder all the things they could have bought with the $34 for the Observatory ticket instead.

We briefly wondered if it was cruel to let penguins loose 100 stories up in a Manhattan office building, but according to scientific documents I studied repeatedly in second grade, penguins are happy in various climates, though they do not enjoy performing in circuses.