There has been an alarming increase in pedestrian fatalities this year, which has propelled activists to push Mayor de Blasio to crackdown on reckless drivers through changes like reducing the speed limit from 30 to 25 mph. Hopefully safer streets will make for inspired drivers who reach for more of an enlightened state of movement—then maybe they too can unlock the secret to safely and legally hitting 55 green lights in a row.

Tim Burke, the driver in the video above, wrote on Reddit that he stuck between 28 and 33 mph while driving around Manhattan late one night en route to traffic light nirvana. Certain streets in NYC (including 10th Avenue/Amsterdam and 3rd Avenue, where Burke drove) employ the "green wave" strategy: light switching is staggered by 10 seconds so that cars going at 30 mph (the current speed limit) can pass smoothly. Even when the speed limit is reduced, the lights can be adjusted accordingly. We'd rather see more people enjoying the unique pleasure of unobstructed green lights than challenge themselves to speed around the city.