This morning, after arriving at Gothamist HQ and going through normal morning procedures (taking off jacket, putting coffee on, scrubbing dead cells off body while crying), I messaged a coworker: "I really, really want someone to mashup the court scene from the last episode [of Game Of Thrones] with Law & Order! I want to hear some chung chungs before each witness comes to testify. Also, is it possible we could get some new brillo pads, the old ones are really chafing my genetic material." Clearly someone cares about me, because the internet gaveth exactly what I was looking for. Below, check out the epic final scene of this week's GOT (SPOILERS AHOY) give the Dick Wolf treatment.

Truly, there could be no finer way of performing that scene, unless of course Tyrion started blasting some classic Skee-Lo.

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