We already know that to breathe on the subway is to suck in a lungful of airborne human flesh. We prefer not to think about how that flesh is conveyed from its owners and into our mouths, but does the Internet allow for such blissful ignorance? No, it does not.

The film starts with the bare-footed antagonist rubbing her leg, which is perched upon the bench next to her. It's...fine, I guess, but strange. She's petting it like you'd pet a cat. Things start to go south when her fingers alight upon her toes. "What are these strange, exotic creatures?" the fingers seem to wonder. "We need to investigate...closely." She begins rooting around in the toes, like a pig looking for truffles. The camera pans to the videographer. His eyes convey quiet terror:


Though of course what he means is:


Are we done? Of course not—there's a sequel, which critics have found just as compelling and emotionally disturbing as the original.

Once she's done emptying the contents of her toe-pits all over the seat, our hero aims her feet at their next logical destination—the pole. Of course! The toes envelop the pole, right at the exact location your child typically puts her tiny hand. She continues to dig at them, aggressively. What is in there? The videographer mimes barfing.


Though of course what he means is:


Enjoy your lunch!