The Station Rat has been lurking around on Twitter, so we got in touch with him to find out what he's got to say on behalf of the unground rodent nation, that will undoubtedly one day serve as our overlords. Station Rat tells us that he is "the voice of subway rats across the city. As full-time residents of the subway system, we know first-hand what is happening to the system. Budget cuts mean dirtier stations and less money for train cleaners. And we're happy about it. But now people are talking about 'fixing transit' or 'cleaning up the subway.' The last straw was the MTA's effort to clean up subway stations and remove trash from the system. We've had enough." With that, he released this trailer today:

Station Rat also tells us, "Next Monday, we'll be releasing a [full length] video as a reminder to New Yorkers that rats own the subway." Color us intrigued/horrified/creeped out.