Pair up visions of rats roaming around the subway platforms with the slow sounds of what sounds like a demented lullaby written by a possessed clown, and you have enough nightmare fuel to get you through the week. As promised, the Station Rat has delivered a new video, showing him roaming the stations in complete bliss after budget cuts brought on dirtier stations and less cleaning. Turn it up to 11 for the intro, where you'll hear rat screeches followed by the aforementioned song:

Some choice quotes from the straphangers on rat-filled subway stations:

  • "It's disgusting out there... and then it's rats in the train station. All over the place."
  • "All the rats, it's really getting me down."
  • "I'm paying entirely too much money to be riding the subway with rats. You need to keep the fare where it is, get rid of the rats. Make it a decent place to ride."