The Replacements made their return to NBC and 30 Rock last night and performed "Alex Chilton" on The Tonight Show. Jimmy Fallon introduced them as a "massively beloved and influential rock band."

The appearance was notable because the group famously earned the wrath of Saturday Night Live creator (and Tonight Show executive producer) Lorne Michaels for their drunken 1986 performance on SNL. Michaels banned them from the show after that.

Artcetera reports:

Word is the band also played a second song that will hopefully be posted on Fallon's site tomorrow.

While bassist Tommy Stinson wore a slick pinstripe jacket and guitarist David Minehan stuck with the kind of plaid suit of Replacements lore, frontman Paul Westerberg looked like he was headed to school with his 16-year-old son Johnny the next day in a plain red T-shirt. He and Stinson exchanged several devilish smiles throughout the performance that suggested they were either having a blast or couldn't wait to be done (50-50 odds).

One of the Fallon's other guests, Keith Richards, did hang out with the 'Mats backstage:

The Replacements, who are touring, will be at Forest Hills Stadium on Friday, September 19.