At this point, the Naked Cowboy and Naked Cowgirl have become such regular institutions of Times Square, they seem as wholly unremarkable as the costumed anti-Semites and those people who try to convince you to go to terrible comedy shows. You barely even notice anymore that these two human beings wear nothing but their skivvies in the most heavily trafficked area of NYC most days of the year. But now you can learn a lot more about the origins of Robert John Burck and Cindy Fox, the people behind the butts, in the short documentary below.

"I was trying to get famous by any means I could find," Burck says at one point, which is no understatement: the man has posed for Playgirl, posed as a prostitute on the Jerry Springer Show, run for mayor, (sort of) run for president, and has sued just about everyone (including other Naked doppelgangers). He's even answered the legendary Proust-Krucoff questionnaire. But according to Gothamist street performer expert John Del Signore, who saw Burck around when he was starting out back in the day, the Naked Cowboy's "a total hack."