Meet William "Pee Wee" Scheidt, a gregarious old timer who's full of piss and vinegar in that endearing way which only certain senior citizens can effectively pull off. Scheidt is famous for being a die-hard Yankees fan and, well, hanging around Times Square, where he's known by many as "The Mayor" (he says he resides in the Bronx). Brooklyn-based comedian and filmmaker Jeff Seal recently followed Scheidt around for a day in Times Square to see how the mayor connects with/breaks the balls of his constituents:

The Mayor of Times Square from Jeff Seal on Vimeo.

"I like that he's this really sweet, interesting and genuine guy in the middle of the huge morass that is Times Square," Seal tells us, adding that his roommates met Scheidt at Rudy's bar and told Seal, "He's you in 50 years."