Broad City, one of the greatest NYC-centric shows of Our Time, doesn't officially return until February. But Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer have done us a mitzvah by creating six web shorts, which will roll out over the next six weeks—and this first installment takes on tomorrow's Yom Kippur fast:

This is, for those who have never suffered through the Day of Atonement, exactly what Yom Kippur is like when you aren't distracted by the incessant dronings of a rabbi. I have fond memories of college Yom Kippurs spent watching Ugly Betty and asking my fellow fasters for the time every six minutes or so. You have not atoned until you have loudly suffered.

Where Abbi and Ilana fail here, though, is by break-fasting on bacon, egg and cheeses. All that protein is too much for an empty stomach—bagels and lox, or GTFO.

The Broad City webisodes will be released on every Tuesday.