While we were wondering if Beyoncé was aware she stole the dance moves for her new "Countdown" video, other parts of the internet were wondering if she's faking her pregnancy! That is a way worse allegation! And one we'll delve into now. Here's what The People are asking: Could the spawn of Jay-Z and Bey be nothing more than a prosthetic belly? Could the real baby be in a surrogate? To the conspiracy theory think tank!

Blackbook has some screenshots from the below interview that recently took place, showing B's belly collapsing into itself when she sits down. Since her announcement, others have noticed her belly growing too fast, and some claim she has a surrogate so she doesn't have to take a long hiatus from being a superstar.

It's Suri-gate all over again! But this time, we want to believe (that Jay-Z and Beyoncé would never pull this sort of stunt). Five out of five Gothamist staffers believe that Beyoncé really does have a bun in the oven (though one believes the father is the host of the Dingo HickHat Celeb Hour, below)... what say you?

Here's the video, skip to the :52 second mark: