In case you weren't streets ahead today, the Community flash mob occurred in midtown as was promised. A handful of Evil Troys and Abeds huddled around Rockefeller Plaza to sing songs and chant in protest of NBC removing the beloved cult show from the midseason lineup. Watch "protesters" sing "Oh Christmas Troy" below.

"This is not a complaint. This is just like, let's bring all of our energy and all of our love [together]," flash mob organizer and, um, "Community activist" Catherine Boyd told TV Guide. There was also a lot of chanting of the slogan, "Six Seasons And A Movie" (or Holiday Special), as you can hear in the clip below, which also includes an interview with Boyd:

If you need some Community-related web ephemera to read to fill up the endless hours until NBC makes a decision on exactly when the show will return, this in-depth interview about season two of the show with creator Dan Harmon is well worth your time. And if protesters really want to get NBC's attention next time, instead of dressing up in fake beards, maybe they should show up in full Human Being costumes: