Dadbod was all the rage of the social media sphere about a week ago, and it would have stayed that way had the morning talk shows not gone gaga over the subject (and had the Washington Post not caught a bad case of Dadbodmania this week). On the plus side, it meant that The Daily Show was able to take a bite out of the Dadbod buffet. "You don't have to be a dad to have a dadbod," Kristen Schaal helpfully tells Jon Stewart. "You just have to be really lazy."

Stewart brought Senior Women’s Issues Correspondent Schaal back for the segment. She praised Dadbod for ending the tyranny of men's health magazine covers, and dived into the double standards for women with Mombods, who are under pressure to shed baby weight: "We’re all having a great belly laugh!" she said. "The guys are. If a woman had a belly they would not let her on that show."

FYI, the whole thing ends with Stewart Twerking. Check it out below.