Arcade Fire is an iconic and long-lasting band that plays an ornate yet powerful varietal of indie rock. CBS Sunday Morning is an iconic and long-lasting news program that serves up easygoing profiles to enjoy with your homemade latte and favorite pair of weekend slippers. The two collided over the weekend for a profile, with Win Butler & Co. sharing stories from the good and bad times, past and present.

The segment opens with the mention of Arcade Fire's most recent Barclays Center show, and touts the group's recent Grammy and Billboard chart success as signs that the band is Not Just Another Weird College Radio Band. "I feel like we're just constantly introducing ourselves. We've been introducing ourselves for, like, 15 years," Butler says on camera, just before Sunday Morning reporter Anthony Mason continues to introduce them.

Citing the approval of David Bowie and Mick Jaggar, the segment touts Arcade Fire as a band "epic and operatic," and is buoyed in large part by Barclays footage. (Too bad there's no mention of last year's Bushwick costume party!) Régine Chassagne's college days singing jazz at a grocery store, backwards music nightmares, and a tour the band's old Montreal apartment/studio are just a few of the great tidbits shared in the CBS profile. Watch the entire segment (and bonus clips) below.

Régine Chassagne's recount of an emotional morning at the grocery store:

Win Butler remembers the good ol' days:

Finally, the brothers Butler ruminate on their own scintillating live show: