Airplane bathrooms, taxicab backseats, Starbucks and sidewalk scaffolding aren't just places for uncomfortable public sex—they're also places you can practice yoga when your back is hurting "from so much shopping." At least that is what Lori, a recent visitor to the Big Apple from Total Wellness Austin, teaches us in her riveting "Yoga 360" video series. We know Mayor Bloomberg says you should make the city your gym but this is ridiculous. Get your feet off that taxicab headrest!

It isn't that Lori's tips on staying fit while shop, shop, shopping are necessarily bad—just like those tips on eating out of trash cans won't necessarily kill you—it is that they seem to have no regard for other people. Now the next time we're stuck on a bathroom line on an airplane we'll have to worry not just about the people ahead of us joining the mile high club but also about them doing bathroom lunges. And while we are totally impressed that Lori can stretch her hamstring in a moving cab while holding a cup of coffee we can't believe that a New York City cabbie let some lady from Texas flip around and put her boots on their backseat headrest. We hope she tipped well! You can watch all of Lori's NYC tips right here:

Eh, we'll just stick to our commuter workouts.