Taylor Swift got one thing right about New York City: "You can find humanity…that inspires you." But that humanity was conspicuously absent in Swift's anodyne ode to the tourism machine. Clayton Patterson puts it back in.

"New York kind of pulled me here like a magnet" Swift says, before a man on a bullhorn commands, "Love it or leave it you fuckin' communist piece of shit!"

In an email to EV Grieve, Patterson catalogues his dismay:

Are there no NYC songwriters or musicians who could write a song and be a face representing the city? There is no talent in NYC? What is the message to struggling or successful artists? Where are our politicians on this corporate insult to NYC talent? Where are the agencies that represent NYC talent? What is the message to struggling or successful artists? What is the message to the average NY'er? Tell me DeBlasio is different from Bloomberg. It is one thing to make NYC into a corporate mall filled with cookie cutter corporate businesses, but now we have an individual with almost no relationship to NYC as the face and voice representing the city. It is like we have lost our mind?

While it's true that New York is losing some artists to Austrian spa towns, there are still plenty of painters, musicians, writers, sculptors, actors, and brilliant weirdos who (thankfully) see these images of the late '80s and early '90s as a reminder of a shared heritage instead of the benchmark for Genuineness. Chasing the Bad Old Days is a bit like following GG Allin around the Lower East Side. Pointless.

Clayton Patterson is right, though. Prince Rama would have done a way cooler video.