Earlier this month, a three-unit penthouse combo at The Ritz-Carlton in Battery Park was listed for a mind-boggling $118.5 million, making it the most expensive penthouse listing in NYC. But what exactly do you get for $118.5 million? Find out with the CNBC video tour below, since this is almost certainly the closest you'll ever come to stepping inside this place.

As Curbed points out, the three units—which are all located on the top two floors of the 40 floor building— take up 15,434 square feet of interior space altogether, with 2,193 square feet of terraces; the asking price works out to about $7,600 per square foot.

"This apartment was going to turn heads no matter what we priced it at," said real estate broker Ryan Serhant. "Just because of the sheer size, the views, because of the finishes and because of what we are offering and because that's part of my job, as a real estate broker."

If this is all seems a bit extravagant for your tastes, there's plenty of other bargains in the city—like the $30-60 million apartments that are starting to be bought up in the 90-story skyscraper One57 on Billionaire's Row. It's a bargain!