For everyone who ever gets confused about whether they're squeezed into a dank subway car or basking in the sunny bleachers at Citi Field, this nonchalant straphanger is here to clear things up.

It's easy to ignore the dusting of beer-sticky seed casings when you're sipping beers and cracking peanuts at the ballpark, but down here in the subway each individual seed looks exactly like what it is—a saliva-slick nugget of germs.

A tipster captured this seed-spitter on the 7 train on Tuesday evening, and immediately recognized an opportunity to test out his new slow-motion app (this video, which captures a seed mid-flight, took five tries to get just right). He estimates there were only ten other people in the car, which actually left plenty of room for the seeds—spraying in a two-foot-radius half moon around the spitter's seat.

Asked if the incessant seed spray grossed him out, our tipster replied that he once saw a man masturbating on the 1 train. "That was a strong image," he said. "This pales in comparison to that."