Last night 30 Rock continued its graceful and funny final season with an episode that not only included a wedding at a funeral but also cameos from a number of lovely lady celebrities. And yet despite how great it was to see Gayle King talking about her best friend in paranoid tones, Florence Henderson downing cleaning fluid, and one last hurrah from the glorious Elaine Stritch, there was one brief cameo that made us squeal with delight (and we're sure meant nothing to the dozens of non-New Yorkers who watch the show). Yup, WNBC's longtime anchor Sue Simmons dropped by and you better believe she had a glass of booze in her hand.

And Simmons's cameo, which came at a hysterical "80 Under 80" event being broadcast on "," wasn't even the only local shout out in the episode. Not even close! It also had a dose of Pat Battle, a reference to Simmons's old co-anchor Chuck Scarborough (actually anatomically a woman) and a throwaway reference to our favorite local vocational school, Apex Tech to name a few. If you missed it, why not catch up over lunch?