There were a lot of mixed sentiments around Radiohead's latest release, the understated, glitchy eight-track album The King Of Limbs. Fans have been wondering how songs from the album, which is truly defined by its layered, muffled studio production, would translate live. Now, you can hear for yourself in the fantastic video below of Radiohead performing the whole album, plus two as yet unreleased songs, on the "From The Basement" TV show, which the band just put up on their YouTube channel.

For reference: "Bloom" is at 0:37, "The Daily Mail" is at 7:05, "Feral" is at 11:18, "Little By Little" is at 14:48, "Codex" is at 19:56, "Seperator" is at 25:40, "Lotus Flower" is at 31:52, "Staircase" is at 37:20, "Morning Mr. Magpie" is at 42:35, and "Give Up The Ghost" is at 48:08.

Overall, we were mighty impressed with how the songs translated: "Bloom" has become a twisted guitar epic along the lines of "Arpeggi/Weird Fishes"; "Feral" builds up to a truly frantic conclusion; and "Morning Mr. Magpie", freed from its shrink-wrapped studio confinement, reveals itself to be a skronky jam. On the other hand, the shifting basslines of "Little By Little" make the song drag; "Codex," though pretty, suffers from missing the underwater haze of the original; and "Seperator" doesn't quite come alive like the slippery album version.

And the best part are the two unreleased tracks, which deserve to be released as a double-sided single: "The Daily Mail" is probably the most classic Radiohead-y tune to come out of the whole Limbs era, with a "You And Whose Army"-like, horn-drenched epic ending. And "Staircase" is an excellent synth-heavy tune with a subtly catchy hook.

Bonus good news for fans of Thom Yorke: in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine on the new Red Hot Chili Peppers album (read a transcription here), bassist Flea dropped hints that his side project with Yorke, Atoms For Peace, will be releasing an album: "In 2010, [Flea] played bass in Radiohead singer Thom Yorke’s offshoot band Atoms for Peace, doing shows and playing on a forthcoming studio album."